We were all very excited to visit San Francisco (US) for the first time. But knowing that it would take another 1.000 km by car was a letdown.

However, the reality was not what he had thought. Nine o’clock, the bus came to hotel picking us up, a little more time spent on picking up more guesses. We hit the highroad at exactly 9.30, leaving Los Angeles behind. It took us 8 hours more to come to San Francisco. It was pretty interesting to enjoy the view and learn more on the life of American farmers.

Listening to Michael’s (a teacher of APU and an experienced citizen in San Francisco) introduction, you want to come to this city immediately. Michael has visited most cities in America, and he believed that San Francisco is the most romantic one. We thought that it was just his own opinion, but we came to believe too, San Francisco is just too romantic.

So dreamy that everyone can feel it. Straight roads going up and down, beautiful seagulls by the lake, the masts… all feel so “dreamy” in San Francisco. The students urging the driver to let the car go for the bigger slope the better, they thought it would be more “awesome” that way, like playing the dangerous games in Disneyland. The city feels like hills after hills with so many slopes.

Perhaps this is the only city in the world with a regulation on how people should park their cars. We call it “parking in San Francisco style”. When you park, always turn your steering wheel to a side, so when the car slides, it will always hit the step to the sidewalk. Michael told us that this is the first question for those who want to take a test for a driving license in San Francisco. I personally was impressed by the weirdly windy plus sunny weather here. There is sunlight all around the city, but people do not feel too hot. Winds are really strong, but they do not chill people either. Maybe, this kind of weather only exists in San Francisco.

San Francisco is also famous for the Golden Gate Bridge.
The beauty of San Francisco makes us feel like two days in this wonderful city is just too short. We wish that we can have more time to spare here.