The capital of America perhaps is not an unfamiliar place, but do you really know it that well? Let us explore Washington – a place as famous as the City of Light.

No need for shoes in Washington

Now, visitors have another transportation to explore the heart of America – a Segway – only has 2 wheels, Motorized, kind a like a roller, but more convenient.


To use this vehicle, all you have to do is leaning forward or backward to move in that very direction. To stop, you can just simply stand straight. Especially, visitors can freely turn anywhere without worrying about the rests. For situations of emergency, you can always trample the ground to regain balance. You must always were a helmet using Segway, even though its speed never exceeds 13km/h.

Most visitors only need to spend 10 minutes leaning how to use this vehicle. A sidewalk in Washington can contain up to 9 running Segways at the same time, be careful not to hit others though.

It only takes 3 hours to have a tour around Mall, a favored location here in Washington with many monuments and museums. From Capitol Hill – where the famous Capitol lies – right to the Washington Monument in the East – the symbol of the city, then comes Fort Theater – where President Lincoln was murdered, the National Gallery of Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the White House…

This short trip gives visitors an overview on the Mall, helping them prepare better for the next few days.

Love street

Georgetown is one of the most beautiful old road and also the richest one in Washington. It was completed in 1751.
Lovely corners under the trees, buildings standing above big towers and even little houses of lively colors… give the European feelings to everyone.

Dumbarton Oaks Garden (from R Street to 32 Street) is like a sea of flowers combined with manmade fountains of the 21st century. Potomac River is just nearby. It is the river that flows through the Capitol. Visitors can take a canoe here to travel around the city.

Dupont Circuit

Is the name of a special section, where Asian-style tea rooms are located. This is a dating destination for many young couples in Washington. You can find cafeteria-library Kramer, where people come to talk about love or work while enjoying salmon soup and tea, on Connecticut Avenue.
Connecticut Avenue is one of the most beautiful avenues in Washington with many art galleries. They often open every Friday and attract a lot of visitors.

Of course, art gallery Phillips Collection cannot be left out. Every Sunday night, classical music is performed here. Nearby, on 17 Street, are many bars and restaurants where a lot of locals come by.

“Black Broadway”

Travelling to the East, visitors will come to U Street. In the 20s and 30s of the last century, this street was once called «Black Broadway».

Famous recording companies Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzerald and Billie Holiday mainly operate here. The fire in 1968 put this street to oblivion. But for the last 10 years, it is coming back with series of new restaurants, handmade shops and of course locations for live music too:  Cafe Nema, Duke’s City or U-topia, and Jazz & Blues center…


Washington is indefinitely the only city of America with a place like the Mall. This is a compound of a dozen of monuments and museums start from Capitol Hill – where the famous Capitol lies – right to the Washington Monument in the East – where Martin Luther King made the famous speech “I have a dream” in 1963.

Washington Monument lies at the center of the Mall. It is a 170 meters tall tower. From its top, visitors can observe the whole city. With good weather, you can see up to 40 kilometers far away. You can use the free elevator to go to the top in just ten minutes. You should make a reservation to avoid waiting in line for hours.

Especially, all the museums in the Mall are free. The difficulty for visitor is choosing what kind of art to see: Chinese writings or embossed graphics of Indian Gods in Gallery Freer, Senegal’s sculptures in National Museum of African or the famous “Hope” diamond in the Museum of Natural History, the first air plane of the Wright Brothers in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum or stars of Rembrandt in the National Gallery, and Warhol’s works in Hirshorn Museum too… It usually takes the whole morning to visit all of these museums.

If you visit the Mall at lunchtime, you must certainly try these foods from corn, sweet potato, bison meat…

Two steps to the south from the Mall, you can visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with a luxurious architectural style of dark colors. The museums in Washington also allow visitor to choose a movie to see or free musical shows. You can find all the information in the Internet.


Kennedy center, which is only 5 minutes of Taxi from the Mall, holds a free concert in Millennium Stadium every day at 6pm with all kinds of music: Peru’s Jazz, African percussion…

Adams Morgan

Another street you cannot miss, the 18 in Adams Morgan. You can find many bars and restaurants of many different countries (Ethiopian ones are majority), perfect location for a party (if you are not worn out after a long day).

It is totally understandable if visitors want to stay here for longer to get to know more of these famous structures.